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Salkantay Trek and Inca Trail 6D/5N

The Salkantay (6264m/20551f) is the most characteristic mountain of Vilcabamba. The daytime is particulary beautiful and offers a stunning views of the diverse landscape and the tropical forest. This journey will provide an amazing experience of interacting with people and knowing the Andean life, costums and traditions. The Salkantay trek combines the cultural aspect and the natural beauty of the Andes.

Salkantay Trek Itinerary:

  • Altitude: 2050 – 5200m. / 17060 f.
  • High Season: April – November
  • Duration: 6 days / 5 nights
  • Level of Difficulty: Moderate / Challenge
  • Route: Closed in February
  • *A minimum of 2 persons is needed for this trek

Cusco Soraypampa

Day 1: Cusco – Mollepata (Cruz Pata) – Soraypampa – Salkantay pampa

We will depart from Cusco at 5:45AM. After passing the town of Mollepata (3000m/9843f), we will drive to Cruz Pata (3400m/11155f), here we will meet the rest of the group.

Cruz Pata is the starting point of the trek; we will start hiking into outstanding valley surrounded by extraordinary snow-capped mountains, such as the Humantay (5217m/17116f) and the Salkantay (6264m/20551f). The first night we will camp at Salkantay pampa (3900m/12795f).

  • Transporting time: 4 hours
  • Climate: moderate and cold during the night
  • Hiking time: 6 hours


Day 2: Salkantay pampa – Salkantay pass – Sisaypampaperu – salkantay trek – abrasalkantay

We will have breakfast and then star our journey at around noon; we will head to the highest point of the trek: the Salkantay pass (5200m/17060f). From here we will have an amazing view of Salkantay (6264m/20551). Then we will descend until we get to the campsite called Sisay pampa (3700m/12139f).

  • Climate: moderate and cold during the night
  • Hiking time: 7 hours


Day 3: Sisay pampa – Canal of the Inca – Wayllabamba

We will start at dawn and head to the Sacred Vally of the Incas. Along the way we will find little creeks and vist small archeological sites. We will arrive to Wayllabamba (3000m/9843f), which is our campsite and the starting point of the Inca Trail.

  • Climate: moderate and cold during the night
  • Hiking time: 5 hours.


Day 4: Wayllabamba – Warmiwañusca – PacaymayuSalkantay Trek

This day we will start very early in the morning to appreciate the beautiful panoramaand the mystical ambiance. The path will take us to the valleys of Yuncachimpa (3300m/10827f) and Lulluchapampa (3850/12631f) and finally lead us to the Warmiwañusca pass (4200m/13780f), from this point we can have a great view of the snow-capped mountain called Veronica. We will spend a little time at the top before continuining our way down to the camping site called Pacaymayu (3500m/11483f).

  • Climate: cold
  • Hiking time: 7 hours


Day 5: Pacaymayu – Runkurakay – Chaquicocha – WiñayhuaynaSalkantay – trek

After a tasty breakfast, we will start the day with plenty of energy. This is the most beautiful day of the trek. The first site we will visit is Runkurakay (3050 meters). This place was supposed to be a Tambo.

We will continue hiking up to the next pass located at an altitude of 3950 meters, and then we will go down to the complex of Sayacmarca (3600 m), this is a small citadel with narrow streets, house, walls, terraces, fountains, etc.
The trail continues quietly and we will pass through an Inca tunnel and the forest before getting the last pass located at an altitude of 3700 meters.
Below we will see the site of Phuyupatamarca: “City above the clouds” which it is impressive because of its circular walls and its aqueducts system.

Finally we will arrive to the most important archeological site of the Inca Trail besides Machu Picchu, WiñayWayna (2650m). You will observe big Inca terraces; the complex is divided in two by a starway that leads to a ceremonial area.

This is the place where we will spend the night

  • Climate: moderate cold, warm with mosquitoes
  • Hiking time: 7 hours

Peru Cusco Machu Picchu

Day 6: Wiñayhuayna – Machu Picchu – Aguas Calientes – Cusco Machu Picchu

We will have a very early breakfast at 4:30AM, and then we will head to the Inti Punku (Sun Gate) from where we will get the first sight of Machu Picchu and enjoy the beautiful sunrise over the archeological site. The last part of the trek is one-hour descend before to reach the splendorous citadel of Machu Picchu (2400m//7874f). Once there you will have two hours of guided tour in the site. During the tour you will understand the meaning and use of all the types of buildings. Then will have plenty of time to explore the complex on your own. If you have tickets you can start the climbing to Huaynapicchu Mountain. Once you are ready to get down to Aguas Calientes, you will take the bus down. In the town you can enjoy a relaxing time at the hot springs, the entrance ticket is 10 soles per person. The train will depart from Aguas Calientes in the late afternoon.

  • Climate: warm with mosquitoes
  • Hiking time: 02 hours

Note: From day 1 to day 3 we will be accompanied by horsemen and mules that carry all the camping equipment and your personal belongings (up to 10 kg). From day 4 to day 6 all equipment and personal belongings will be carried by porters.

Important: We recommend booking this trek in advance, especially for the months May, June, July, August and September. A permit is required to enter the Inca Trail and there is a limited number of permits per day, only 500 people can enter including tourist, guides, cooks and porters.
SalkantayTrek to Machu Picchu 6 Days (Private)

Price of the package with all included $1069



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