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Aymara Communities Mountain Route Trek

Aymara Communities Mountain Route Trek

Trekking along the Aymara communities and the mountains provides amazing views of the surreal landscapes, the majestic Cordillera Real mountains, the colors of Lake Titicaca that go from blue to turquoise, farming fields that show Aymaras daily life and outstanding giant sandstone rock formations.

Mountain cycling - Safari pictures through Aymara Communities

Mountain cycling – Safari pictures through Aymara Communities

Our mountain biking through Aymara communities is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the real beauty of Lake Titicaca and the Aymara towns, this is a dream experience. Biking by remote communities in one of most isolated highland areas and portray beautiful photos is incomparable.

Mystical - Rock forest Visit to Aramu Muru - Colonial Temples

Mystical – Rock forest Visit to Aramu Muru – Colonial Temple

The mystical Rock Forest of AramuMuru or “Hajayumarca”, city of spirits where there are extraordinary tectonic rock formations that resemble mammals, birds, rodents that were part of the historical legacy of the Andean culture. This place was the origin of numerous legends and is responsible of the most enigmatic phenomena such as strange noises or appearance of powerful lights as manifestations of Mother Earth Pachamama.

Journey to Lampa The Pink city or on route - Half day

Journey to Lampa The Pink city or on route – Half day

Lampa is known as the “Sistine Chapel of the Andes, is a vestige of the colonial architecture and reflects its historical importance as a center of culture. This peaceful town is also called the Pink City because of the color of its clay that is used to paint all houses and colonial building, being in this place transport us to the past by observing and appreciating monuments as valuable as its temple erected under the name of Santiago Apostle, place where we can see a replica of the sculpture “La Pietà” by MicheangeloBuonaroti.

Specialized Birdwatching

Specialized Birdwatching

The geographic elements transform the Lake Titicaca into a rich place to enjoy bird watching. The diversity of the bird life promises to list several species in the areas of monitoring, conservation and protection, these areas have more than 125 species of resident and migratory birds such as the diver of the Titicaca, flamingos, herons, owls, woodpeckers among others. The visitor coming to Titicaca Lake is captivated by its beautiful spots.

Visit Marketplace (only Sundays), Molloco - Thunuhuaya - Copamaya

Visit Marketplace (only Sundays), Molloco – Thunuhuaya – Copamaya

Molloco is one of the cemeteries located on the slopes of a hill in front of a natural terrain surrounded by agricultural fields. This place served as the perfect location for our ancestors to rest in funerary towers that symbolize life. We will also witness the activity of“trueque” (Exchange) between local communities. People congregate in different fairs and markets with agricultural products wearing colorful costumes, resembling to a big feast.

Local Festivities (according to calendar)

Local Festivities (according to calendar)

February in Puno is the most jubilant month of the year, the city is the capital of the folklore of Peru because of its colorful, cheerful and vibrant dances in honor to the Virgen de la Candelaria declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO on November 27th, 2014. It represents the largest manifestation of culture, music, dance and religion of America, by the cultural and artistic manifestations of Quechua and Aymara cultures.




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