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Trip to Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu 2017

Machu Picchu is one of the most accepted attractions in the world, flocked to year after year by thousands of eager tourists. Peru has rigorously maintained their archaeological treasure, and a UNESCO World Heritage site, to ensure its pristine appearance. The amount of people allowed in is heavily regulated, as is the number allowed on the Inca Trail (500 a day – 200 of which are hikers and 300 of which are porters and guides).

In the early twentieth century, explorer Hiram Bingham was searching for the famed Lost City of the Incas. What he found was Machu Picchu, and the world of exploration and archaeology was forever changed. After his discovery in 1911, tourism continued to build, and today, Machu Picchu welcomes close to 1 million travelers every year. Its draw lies in its secrecy.

To this day, the site’s main purpose is still not definitively understood. Burial ground? Temple? Ritualistic site? Final escape settlement from Spanish conquistadors? The theories abound, and when you visit, you may even come up with some of your own.

While visiting Machu Picchu is on many travelers’ bucket lists, it can be extremely confusing how to turn the dream trip into a reality. We’ve pooled our knowledge, consulted our Peru Destination Experts, and cross referenced multiple sources to bring you this comprehensive guide for planning your Machu Picchu trip.



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